2020 WS 2019/20

Dirk Wachowiak holds a professorship in Communication Design
at the Faculty of Creative Arts in Freiburg, Department Design,
(Macromedia University of Applied Sciences).
The works show a selection of his students’ outcome.

Macrotype – a participatory corporate font
How can the spirit of a design school be reflected in a typeface? Sophie Carius-Höfflin, Clara de Haen and Carolin Lerner created an App that invited students, employees
and teachers to design letterforms – all in all 2000 glyphs came about. This diversity was examined through several selection procedures and finally subdivided in different categories (from standard to expressive). These styles pick up the intention of the project through their unchanged, rough and natural character and free spirit – to present
the universitiy's community and diversity through their unchanged, rough and natural appearance.

Clara De Haen
Luis Baumecker
Helin Aslan
Clara De Haen
Kim Schillinger
Anika Medinger
Julia Hambrecht
Anna Fridrich
Laura Schorpp