Since 2022 Dirk Wachowiak holds a professorship in Typography and Corporate Design at Trier University of Applied Sciences. The works show a selection of his students’ outcome.

Autoimmune Typography —
Typographic enactment of lyrics concerning the issue of autoimmunity

The project is based on the work of the author Barb Macek, who deals with chronic and autoimmune diseases within her artistic research activities. Based on interviews with persons concerned as well as own experiences with an autoimmune disease Barb Macek formulates poetic interpretations, which create new access to this topic and to the medical or social perspective. The students were asked to create a typographical translation of these lyrics and therefore new layers of meaning.

Sandra-María Rusert, Adriana Nicole Cevallos Acosta

Jasmin Janetzke, Tabea Umbach

Tabea Umbach, Emilia Hilgert

Kathrin Schneider, Leo Lindner

Lotte Seidel, Xuan My Vuong

Leonie Heider, Lisa Kohn

Lea Napp-Zinn, Luisa O’Rourke

Kathrin Schneider, Bjarne Reinmann

Ronja von Kowalkowski, Kathrin Schneider

»Clean Up« initiative by Zoé van Luijk

Second hand event »OffBeat« by Lisa Kohn

Second hand event »OffBeat« by Lisa Kohn

Music event and record shop »rigol« by Bjarne Reinmann

Comedy Club »Oh Maju« by Hannah Zier

Youth Club »Nox Zentrum« by Ronja von Kowalkowski

Youth Club »Nox Zentrum« by Ronja von Kowalkowski

Typeface »Boema Sans« by Nick Decker

Typeface »Small Dinosaur« by Heeyun Choi

Typeface »Nouveau Sans« by Linda Glauber

Typeface »Galatea« by Merle Kösch

Typeface »Mono Okta« by Nils Krämer

Typeface »Nova« by Noemie Brück

Kathrin Schneider

Kathrin Schneider

Lisa Kohn

Lea Napp-Zinn

Lea Napp-Zinn

Lea Napp-Zinn